1. text  < most useful tool
2. hyper < link all texts
3. super < add superpowers

if text is medium we use to teach machines, then
better text can help us teach machines faster.

a) easier to program
b) better aligning
c) more audio/visual sync
d) easier error correction
e) faster human/machine learning
f) +

a) plain text/speech union
b) more visual definition
c) tag, timing, translation aligning

1) cool captions bro
2) evil patent
3) GIF sync audio, vocal text, wiki
4) pix8 more visual brower extension
5) demos

m...........mute (warning TURN VOLUME DOWN thanks)
arrowdown...volumeDOWN video
shift+p.....previous video
012345789...jump thru
c...........caption on/off

1 1% of humans can code
2 r+d/code is costly
3 trying too much
4 missing feedback loops
5 product/market fit
6 funding

a sbir/sttr grant writing help thanks to creativestartups
b wyohackathon avax contract to fund superhypertext?
c debuild maybe?